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About us


Culturally Relevant

Theologically Sound

Together we can accomplish what none of us can alone--

                      We can reach our world for 

                        Jesus Christ

our pastor & Ministry coordinators:
Dean & Becky Boorum.jpg
Amanda & Heath Rudolph (3).jpg
Stephen Kroh

Senior Pastor

Dean & Becky Boorum

Adult Ministry Coordinators

Heath & Amanda Rudolph

Youth Ministry Coordinators

Carolyn Rohrer.jpg
Ashley Simpson & Carolyn Rohrer

Children's Ministry Co-Coordinators

Our Purpose - Why we do what we do

We believe God is calling us to be a safe church, a church
offering hope, and a church doing good. 

Find out what:

        you love to do

        you are good at

Our Values - What guides us

People matter to God and to us.

Our church is to be culturally relevant and biblically based.

Genuine worship can be meaningful to both believers and seekers.

Life change and loving relationships best occur in small groups.

Pastors and church leaders mobilize, equip and release believers to serve.

Church membership means commitment to Christ with our time, service, finances and prayers.

Excellence honors God and inspires people.

Biblical unity is affirmed by embracing the diversity within the Body of Christ.

Global impact is a natural by-product of a healthy church.

Our church should continue to grow until everyone in the Twin Tier Region is a fully devoted follower of Christ.

Our Vision - What we are working towards

Loving God & Loving People

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